Takt Guide

Takt Done Incorrectly

TPS® Done Incorrectly

TPS® is a highly functional system. It only begins to fail when:


You stick with only a 5-day Takt throughout


You use the weekends as your Takt drum beat and lock yourself into weeks between weekends


You do not split, combine and Level work package within Takt wagons


You do not include enough buffers in the phase to cover your risks


You don’t create the plan early enough in pre-construction & therefore don’t have the right project duration target & consequently the right budget


You don’t involve and align the builder (Supers and Foremen) in the plan development


You don’t immediately begin managing material procurement on a log or in the Takt plan least by the design development phase of design


When PMS, Supers, & Foremen do not understands & implement Takt steering & control (Flow Principles) in the field & get outside help for their first project.
Takt Construction must follow standards. That is why the Takt guide exists. If you are having difficulty it is likely because you are missing one of the Ten Takt Commandments or Mis-Aligned with one of the 12 principles.
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