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Takt Planning, Steering, & Control will take over as the main scheduling system in construction. This site is dedicated to maintaining standards that will keep the system pure, reliable and focused on supporting people.
Introducing the Takt Production System®: A revolutionary scheduling method that brings rhythm, continuity and consistency to construction projects. Our system is meticulously designed to optimize workflow, stabilize projects and absorb interruptions, variations and delays. With Takt at its core, our approach ensures efficient and streamlined opertations, empowering teams to achieve maximum productivity and success.

Takt Standards

Takt Essentials

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10 Commandments of Takt

On this page we outline the 10 Commandments of Takt. If you’re not doing every single one, you’re not doing Takt. All methods and technology should comply with these commandments.

Takt 101

What are the basics of Takt planning & control? In this section we review the most fundamental parts of the system to help you get started.

Using a Takt Plan

Using a Takt plan the right way creates flow in the field. In this section we present information that will help you to take your Takt plan to the jobsite where the work happens. What is the goal? To create flow!

Cornerstornes of Takt

The key elements of Takt, or Cornerstones, are fundamental to building and executing a successful Takt plan. We cannot manage what we cannot measure, and we cannot measure what we cannot see. The Cornerstones enable use to properly see and manage the Takt system.

Building a Takt Plan

On this page, we outline how to create a Takt plan and list out each step.


Takt planning has a unique set of terms. This section is focused on defining key Takt terminology.

12 Principles

Our mission with Takt planning is to elevate the industry with flow and stability which requires very specific beliefs. These 12 principles will help to shape our mindset to create goals that align with Takt.


In this page we will showcase some of the best content available for Takt planning in construction.
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