Takt Guide

Submitting A Delay

The time impact analysis review would show the impact and the critical flow path after the impact, and each of the following reviews would be done to verify the critical flow path past the delay:

If the connection between the start or ntp milestones, non-repetitive sequences, lines of balance, phase sequences, buffers and interdependence ties to the substantial completion milestone are confirmed to be reasonable and within the specified parameters, the delay shall be considered reasonable.
This path of critical flow now enables you to submit a delay to the owner if it cannot be absorbed and it changes your end date. Simply follow these steps.

Process for showing or submitting a delay:

1. Ensure your takt schedule is current and correct for thefollowing:
2. Identify what impact the delay has on the project by showing it in the schedule without trade stacking or trade burdening.
3. Ask the following questions to see if there is a way to absorb it:
4. If all possible strategies have been exhausted, then a time impact analysis would be created with the following components:
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